Thomas Siedler

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Book Chapters

Innovative Methods Within the Context of Secondary Data: Examples from Household Panel Surveys
(2011) with G. Wagner and J. Schupp, in: Secondary Data Analysis (eds.) K. H. Trzesniewski, M. B. Donnellan, R. E. Lucas, American Psychological Association: Washington, DC, Chapter 6, 103-118.

Experiments, Surveys and the Use of Representative Samples as Reference Data
(2010) with B. Sonnenberg, in: Building on Progress: Expanding the Research Infrastructure for the Social, Economic and Behavioral Sciences (ed.) German Data Forum (RatSWD), Opladen & Farmington Hills, MI: Budrich UniPress, Vol. 1, 547-561.

Living apart Together
(2009) with J. Ermisch, in: Changing Relationships (eds.) M. Brynin and J. Ermisch, Routledge, Chapter 2, 29-44.
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