Thomas Siedler

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Selected Publications

Intergenerational Correlations of Extreme Right-Wing Party Preferences and Attitudes toward Immigration
Scandinavian Journal of Economics
forthcoming with Alexandra Avdeenko

Political Socialization in Flux? Linking Family Non-Intactness during Childhood to Adult Civic Engagement
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A
(2016), 179(3), 1-25, in press with Timo Hener and Helmut Rainer

The Earnings Returns to Graduating with Honors: Evidence from Law Graduates
Labour Economics
(2015), 34, 39-50 with Ronny Freier and Mathias Schumann

Reducing Binge Drinking? The Effect of a Ban on Late-Night Off-Premise Alcohol Sales on Alcohol-Related Hospital Stays
Journal of Public Economics
(2015), 123, 55-77, with Jan Marcus

Cohort profile: The Berlin Aging Study II (BASE-II)
International Journal of Epidemiology
(2014), 43(3), 703-712, with Lars Bertram, Anke Böckenhoff, Ilja Demuth, Sandra Düzel, Rahel Eckhardt, Shu-Chen Li, Ulman Lindenberg, Graham Pawelec, Gert G. Wagner and Elisabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen

Meet the Parents? Family Size and the Geographic Proximity Between Adult Children and Older Mothers in Sweden
(2013), 50(3), 903-931 with Helena Holmlund and Helmut Rainer

Family Location and Caregiving Patterns from an International Perspektive
Population and Development Review
(2012), 38(2), 337-351 with Helmut Rainer

The Complexity of Personality: Advantages of a Genetically Sensitive Multi-Group Design
Behavior Genetics
(2012), 42(2), 221-233, with Elisabeth Hahn, Christian Kandler, Gert G. Wagner, Jürgen Schupp and Frank Spinath

One last Puff? Public Smoking Bans and Smoking Behavior
Journal of Health Economics
(2011), 30(3), 591-601, with Silke Anger and Michael Kvasnicka

Parental Unemployment and Young People's Extreme Right-Wing Party Affinity: Evidence from Panel Data
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A.
(2011), 174(3), 737-758.

Schooling and Citizenship in a Young Democracy: Evidence from Post-War Germany
Scandinavian Journal of Economics
(2010), 112(2), 315-338.

The Effect of Lone Motherhood on the Smoking Behaviour of Young Adults
Health Economics
(2010), 19(11), 1377-1384, with Marco Francesconi and Stephen Jenkins

Childhood Family Structure and Schooling Outcomes: Evidence for Germany
Journal of Population Economics
(2010), 23(3), 1201-1231, with Marco Francesconi and Stephen Jenkins

Measuring People's Trust
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A
(2009), 172(4), 749-769, with John Ermisch, Diego Gambetta, Heather Laurie and Noah Uhrig

Does Democracy foster Trust?
Journal of Comparative Economics
(2009), 37(2), 251-269, with Helmut Rainer

The Role of Social Networks in Determining Migration and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from the German Reunification
Economics of Transition
(2009), 17(1), 739-767, with Helmut Rainer

O Brother, Where Art Thou? The Effect of Having a Sibling on Geographic Mobility and Labour Market Outcomes
(2009), 76(303), 528-556, with Helmut Rainer

Subjective Income and Employment Expectations and Preferences for Redistribution
Economics Letters
(2008), 99(3), 449-453, with Helmut Rainer

Intergenerational Mobility and Marital Sorting
Economic Journal
(2006), 116(July), 659-679, with John Ermisch and Marco Francesconi